Glass Workshop: Creating Imagery in Fused Glass

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Saturday, October 28, 10am-4pm and Sunday, October 29, 10am-4pm
Glass Workshop: Creating Imagery in Fused Glass

Participants will learn how to capture imagery in fused glass.  We will explore pattern and illustration through a variety of methods, including: layering, silkscreening, drawing, painting, sifting and stenciling.   The workshop will focus on the unique capacities of fused glass to create distinct designs, vibrant colors and depth of imagery.

This two day workshop is open to all levels of experience.  Beginners will appreciate the experience of making their first pieces of glass art, experienced artists will learn new creative techniques applicable to other media, and experienced glass makers will expand their range of skills.  We will focus on experimenting with new processes, and will also provide time for creating a finished piece of glass art. 

 Workshop price includes the following ($45 value):

  • Kiln firings, use of ceramic molds for slumping, and use of tools
  • Frit (colored powdered glass)
  • Four sheets of 8" x 8" glass (clear and white), 8 sheets of 3" x 3" glass (clear and white)
  • Colored glass sheet pieces, stringers 

More glass is available for purchase if needed.

Location: DEVIN FRENCH GLASS ART STUDIO at Hope Mills:  954 E. Kentucky St., Louisville, KY 40204